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Save The Environment, Read Your Child A Book

Today environmental degradation and climate change are realities children and adults can ill-afford to ignore. In this essay, Parinita explores why you should read books about the environment to your children to make them more eco-friendly.

The Books That Influenced My Life

Books have the power to influence readers and to provide them with a fresh outlook on the world. In this essay, Prarthana talks about some of the the books that influenced her and compelled her to change her perspective.

How Accurate Is The Golden Man Booker Prize Shortlist?

The Booker Prize Foundation has announced the shortlist for the Golden Booker- a special prize instituted to celebrate its 50th anniversary. This article takes a deeper look into the selection procedure of the shortlist, mentions the flaws in the method and suggests how the process could have been improved.


Book vs Movie: Calling Sehmat | Raazi

In 2008, Harinder S. Sikka published a book, Calling Sehmat, the story of an Indian spy who married a Pakistani in order to collect vital information for her country. In 2018, the book was made into a movie, Raazi, starring Alia Bhatt. This article compares how successful the film adaptation is.


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