7 Books With One Letter Titles

This list of books with one letter titles, featuring authors like John Updike and Christina Dalcher is bound to add more variety to your TBR list.

7 Lesser-Known Works By Enid Blyton

This list is perfect for those looking to discover Enid Blyton books that they missed out on earlier or for gifting to a child who loves them.

The Curious Reader (November 2017- August 2020) was an Indian online literary magazine that looked at the world through the lens of literature.

How Tabby McTat Teaches Children To Embrace Change And Accept Differences

Read about Tabby McTat, a children’s book that can teach both children and adults how to embrace change and accept social and economic differences.

Rising From The Ashes: The Literary Journey Of Manoranjan Byapari

Skilled at transforming words into magic, Manoranjan Byapari’s life has been rife with violence and turmoil. Read about his literary journey here.

The Bizarre Ways Some Male Authors Describe Women

More often than not male authors describe women unrealistically in their books. Read this piece to understand why society hasn’t put a stop to this.

Body And Blood

In this excerpt from ‘Body And Blood’, Rithu and Pretty discuss a video they discovered on the Internet, and its implications for them.

Typewriters On The Street: Busking In Bangalore

Busking is a form of interactive performance art. Rahul Kondi has evolved it into creating personalised poetry. Read about this new movement.

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