7 Books With One Letter Titles

This list of books with one letter titles, featuring authors like John Updike and Christina Dalcher is bound to add more variety to your TBR list.

7 Lesser-Known Works By Enid Blyton

This list is perfect for those looking to discover Enid Blyton books that they missed out on earlier or for gifting to a child who loves them.

The Curious Reader (November 2017- August 2020) was an Indian online literary magazine that looked at the world through the lens of literature.

Excerpt: No Illusions In Xanadu

In this excerpt from ‘No Illusions In Xanadu’ by Ruby Gupta, Pallavi finds out that her husband, Rajvir, a legendary Bollywood star, is dead.

The Way Forward For Children’s Literature Festivals

In this feature, Lubaina discusses the challenges with taking children’s literature festivals online and what their future is in a pandemic-hit world.

Of Second-Hand Books: The Stories They Reveal, The Stories They Hide

There is a certain joy in browsing the remnants of other people’s collections. Find out why Lalita loves second-hand books and the stories they tell us.

The Politics Of Immigrant Families In Fiction

How books on immigrant families can help us make sense of and appreciate the cast of individuals that make up the complicated spaces within our lives.

How The Setting Helped ‘Fern Road’ Come To Life

Walking through Fern Road in Kolkata helped Angshu reclaim memories of his childhood and inspired him to use the area as the setting of his debut novel.

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