7 Books With One Letter Titles

This list of books with one letter titles, featuring authors like John Updike and Christina Dalcher is bound to add more variety to your TBR list.

7 Lesser-Known Works By Enid Blyton

This list is perfect for those looking to discover Enid Blyton books that they missed out on earlier or for gifting to a child who loves them.

The Curious Reader (November 2017- August 2020) was an Indian online literary magazine that looked at the world through the lens of literature.

Why We Loved Being Book Fairies (And You Should Become One Too)

The Curious Reader teamed up with The Book Fairies during the Jaipur Literature Festival to drop books off. Find out about our experience here.

The Rise And Fall Of Hindi Pulp Fiction

Hindi pulp fiction has played an important role in India’s literary history. Find out about its glory days and the reason for its decline.

Carving Space For The Unheard Narratives Of Marginalised Womxn

In this feature, Deya explores why there is a need for greater representation in literature of the unheard narratives of marginalised womxn.

Why Twice Told Is More Than Just Another Book Festival

Find out how Mansi came up with the idea for Twice Told, how it has evolved, and why it’s more than just a book festival.

Excerpt: Naked Beneath The Midnight Sun

In this excerpt from Kamalini Natesan’s Naked Beneath The Midnight Sun, the protagonist bonds with new friends, and contemplates what friendship means.

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