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A Debt, Unpaid

Many of us living in India have some form of house help but not many of us form deep bonds with them. This original fiction explores the anguish a lady feels after her house help mysteriously disappears. She does discover her again, but is in for a surprise.

Faith For The Wicked

Are vampires really all abominable creatures or can some also have principles? Read this fun piece of original fiction on a vampire who is always morally correct.

Postcards From Ziro

This poem started with the idea of long periods of time spent in waiting by people in love (living apart). A big part was played by a postcard from a friend in France which helped in the use of imagery. Months later, this poem was adapted to the landscapes of Ziro, Northeast India and the images of its sweeping hills and rivers that failed to fade from the poet’s mind. The poem was written in the course of one very staggered year.


Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is a 2013 novel written by Kevin Kwan. In 2018, the movie based on the book was released. This article compares the two.


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