7 Books With One Letter Titles

This list of books with one letter titles, featuring authors like John Updike and Christina Dalcher is bound to add more variety to your TBR list.

7 Lesser-Known Works By Enid Blyton

This list is perfect for those looking to discover Enid Blyton books that they missed out on earlier or for gifting to a child who loves them.

The Curious Reader (November 2017- August 2020) was an Indian online literary magazine that looked at the world through the lens of literature.

The Dichotomy Of Arthur Conan Doyle And Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes was an ardent believer in ghosts, fairies, and seances. In this article, Ankit attempts to explain why it’s not usual that a believer of spiritualism wrote one of the most logical and rational characters.

Looking Back At 2018: The Year In Literature

Looking back at 2018, it was a roller coaster of a ride as far as literature goes. Here’s a look at some of the important literary events of 2018.

The Books That Influenced My Life

Books have the power to influence readers and to provide them with a fresh outlook on the world. In this essay, Prarthana talks about some of the the books that influenced her and compelled her to change her perspective.

Milky Tea & Vodka

In this excerpt from ‘Milky Tea & Vodka’, Mrs. Chitra Deewaker asks Vanya, the protagonist, for a favour she finds difficult to refuse.

Excerpt: Music To Flame Lilies

In this excerpt from Music To Flame Lilies by Megha Rao, we witness a beautiful conversation between Kalki and Noor against the backdrop of a yakshagana.

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