At first glance, The Curious Reader is an online literary magazine for readers. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a home for book lovers, who want to know more about the books they have read and discover new books that will change their lives.

At TCR,  you can take a peek at other readers’ experiences through personal essays, or even learn something new about the literary world through research-based features. You can dig into curated lists of books recommended by us and other readers, or read excerpts from newly released books. This is where you learn about the literary world we live in and the imaginary world we often escape to.

While we do showcase books from around the world, first and foremost, we choose to concentrate on Indian literature. As a diverse country, we are extremely lucky to have voices from different communities in society come forward and make their contribution towards literature, and we feel proud to be the place that brings these stories to you.  

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The Team

Devanshi Jain

Devanshi has been reading ever since she can remember. What started off as an obsession with Enid Blyton, slowly morphed into a love for mystery and fantasy. Even her choice of career as a lawyer was heavily influenced by the works of Erle Stanley Gardner and John Grisham. After quitting law, and while backpacking around India, she read books on entrepreneurship, and taught herself web design. She doesn’t go anywhere without a book.

She is the founding editor of The Curious Reader. Read her articles here.

Nirbhay Kanoria

As a young boy, Nirbhay had the annoying habit of waking up at 5 a.m. Since television was a big no-no, he had no choice but to read to entertain himself and that is how his love affair with books began. A true-blue Piscean, books paved the path to his fantasy worlds- worlds he’d often rather stay in. Nirbhay is the co-founder and publisher of The Curious Reader.

He is the co-founder of The Curious Reader. You can read his articles, here.

Oishani Mitra

Oishani Mitra

A love for the written word has led Oishani to structure her life around reading. Books introduced her to a world filled with so many possibilities, and helped her understand the power of a well-written story. With an educational background in English Literature and Film & Television Studies, she has worked as the editor for an arts magazine in the past. She believes in the healing powers of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and the chance to explore a new city. And, no matter where she might be, her Kindle (loaded with books) is never too far from her person.

She is the editor at The Curious Reader. Read her pieces, here.

Prasanna Sawant

Prasanna is a human (probably) who makes stuff up for a living. When she’s not sleeping or eating, you’ll find her in the quietest corner of the library, devouring yet another hardbound book. She vastly prefers the imaginary world to the real one, but grudgingly emerges from her writing cave on occasion. If you do see her, it’s best not to approach her before she’s had her coffee.

She writes at The Curious Reader. You can read her articles here

Rhea Pereira

Rhea has completed her Masters in English at SNDT Women’s University. Her key research interests are post-colonial studies, mainly focussing on women’s narratives and their experience of citizenship.  Her other interests are Dalit literature in translation. She also sings in a choir. 

Rhea is the social media manager at The Curious Reader. Read her articles here.

Shubham Shrivastav

Shubham is not a reader but has inherited his love for poetry from his mother. He’s never stepped into a bookstore, but one can’t guess it through his writing. He deeply believes in love and has the ability to transform his feelings and emotions into melodious rhymes and beautiful illustrations.

He works as a graphic designer at The Curious Reader. You can read his pieces here.

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