non-fiction by Indian authors december 2019

Set aside Nonfiction November since December appears to be the month for exciting new nonfiction releases! Look at all that the month has in store for you – an essay collection by prominent authors like Salman Rushdie and William Dalrymple on famous kings of India, the story behind the Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet, Perumal Murugan’s enchanting essays on his extraordinary mother, the account of the largest opium raid in the country, and so many more. So, go ahead, click on that preorder button immediately!


The Book Of Indian Kings: Stories And Essays

Salman Rushdie, William Dalrymple, Manu Pillai, Khushwant Singh & 7 others

Romila Thapar, a renowned historian, talks about the great King Ashoka, while Salman Rushdie gives us an overview of Emperor Akbar in The Book Of Indian Kings. Authors like William Dalrymple, Khushwant Singh and Manu Pillai talk about kings that have greatly impacted our nation and its rich history, and how their kingdoms formed the country that is India. With stories and essays about some of the greatest kings in Indian history, this glittering literary gem is one we shouldn’t miss.

Releasing on December 05, 2019. Buy it here.


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers: The Heroes Of Real India

Giridhar S.

Even though the public school system is continuously faced with endless criticisms, government school teachers still endeavour to provide their students with the best education to ensure their bright future. Giridhar S., during his work with the Azim Premji Foundation, observed how hundreds of government teachers across the country inspire millions of children, and how their dedication to the education system plays a huge role towards the development of our nation. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers is a tribute to the unsung heroes of India, the ones who help shape our future generation.

Releasing on December 09, 2019. Buy it here.


An Officer And His Holiness

Rani Singh

After being granted refuge, the Dalai Lama made his escape to India in 1959. The sensitive task of bringing him safely from the Indian border fell on one Har Mander Singh. Despite the danger of the task, finite resources, enemies around the border and treacherous territory, Singh managed to successfully complete the mission. Through Singh’s detailed notes, and interviews with the Dalai Lama and his brother, author Rani Singh brings the story of this incredible journey to life. With rare photos and rarer insights, this book is one to look forward to.

Releasing on December 13, 2019. Buy it here.



Perumal Murugan

Perumal Murugan writes about his mother in this book. Through evocative essays, Murugan shows us a glimpse of his childhood, and how his strong and resilient mother had to manage both her family and their livelihood due to an irresponsible husband. Due to this, his mother never got a chance to rest, constantly having to tend to cattle, settle accounts, look after their farm, and cook hearty meals for her children. Ever after she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Murugan’s mother continued to be the dedicated and hard-working woman she had always been. This book has Murugan taking a walk down memory lane, with a nostalgic recounting of village life and simpler days.

Releasing on December 16, 2019. Buy it here.


All The Wrong Turns: Perspectives On The Indian Economy

T. C. A. Srinivasa Raghavan, T. C. A. Ranganathan

Why does India always veer from one economic crisis to another? Why have we always been subjected to a decade of low economic growth after a decade of high growth since 1950? What kind of minds shape our policies, and how do our policies differ from China? The authors, veterans in the economic field, examine how governments impact economic reforms, and how most of the strategies implemented by our government has only hindered our growth. Not only that, these authors also provide significant solutions to alter our country’s economic state in this book.

Releasing on December 16, 2019. Buy it here.


The Barabanki Narcos: Busting India’s Most Notorious Drug Cartel

Aloke Lal

Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, was notorious for smuggling and opium production when Aloke Lal took over the position of chief of police. The mafia groups in the area, with their deep pockets and an endless supply of black money, had bribed both the police and the politicians. Aloke Lal, armed with nothing but brutal honestly and dedication, sets out to raid opium dens and put an end to the criminal activities of the area, once and for all. Through this, he makes unlikely friends and deadly enemies, and has to face consequences that are beyond his comprehension. In a deadly narration of the biggest opium raid, The Barabanki Narcos is a thrilling saga that everyone should read.

Releasing on December 16, 2019. Buy it here.


Aimless In Banaras: Wanderings In India’s Holiest City

Bishwanath Ghosh

Bishwanath Ghosh pretends to be writer collecting notes as a way of dealing with his mother’s cremation at the Manikarnika Ghat in Banaras. Years later, he visits Banaras to write his book. Here, he finds a myriad of eccentric people who make up this spiritual city. He encounters a woman whose horoscope states that she will marry seven times, a wandering priest, a god-fearing doctor and an atheist writer. He experiences the nooks and crannies of Banaras, and, in doing so, finds himself. Aimless In Banaras is not only about a city, but also about how life and death are a part of an unending circle.

Releasing on December 16, 2019. Buy it here.


Vision For A Nation: Paths And Perspective

Aakash Singh Rathore, Ashis Nandy

Who are we as a nation? What is our ideal India, and who does it belong do? All these and many more pertinent questions have to be answered for us to work towards becoming a modern, rational and all-inclusive India. Bringing together India’s leading intellectuals, academics and experts, Vision For A Nation offers an exploration of these issues, and ways to help India become what it ought to be. This is a must-read for anyone interested in contemporary Indian politics and with the desire to live in a progressive nation.

Releasing on December 18, 2019. Buy it here.


Clues To The Cosmos

Shohini Ghose

How did the world come to be? The scientific answer- the Big Bang, obviously! Scientists have explored everything from the smallest electron to the entire universe and collected enough evidence about how the world came into existence. But, how does one understand it? Shohini Ghose brings us the scientific process that brought about the Big Bang through investigative research, fascinating characters and amazing twists.

Releasing on December 22, 2019. Buy it here.   


From Oberoi To Oyo

Chitra Narayanan

The Indian hotel industry has a rich history, starting with the emergence of hotels like the Taj, Oberoi and ITC to the international chains, OYO and online travel agencies. In the age of start-ups and huge discounts from online bookings, what does the future hold for the hotel industry? Chitra Narayanan has been in the field for numerous years and knows its ins and outs. She uses her years of experience to bring us this illuminating account of the evolution of this mammoth industry. With a look at both the past and the future of this industry, her book is bound to be an interesting read.

Releasing on December 25, 2019. Buy it here.


New Rules Of Business: Get Ahead Or Get Left Behind

Rajesh Srivastava

How do companies like Amazon, Uber, Ola and Netflix reach new heights? By ensuring their product is so good that it doesn’t need any additional marketing. As companies break down the old rules of business and create new ones instead, the nature of business today is undergoing a vital change. Rajesh Srivastava uncovers many such hidden gems in New Rules Of Business. Along with compelling anecdotes and advice on how keeping employees happy leads to better productivity and greater loyalty, this book is a must read for any entrepreneur.

Releasing on December 25, 2019. Buy it here.


Swami Vivekananda: Hinduism And India’s Road To Modernity

Makarand Paranjape

Swami Vivekananda, one of India’s greatest leaders, is known for ushering in a new era of Hinduism in India. He managed to change the perception of Hinduism in the West during his famous lecture at the Parliament of World’s Religions, and his ideas were imperative in forming a religion based on rationality. This book tries to analyse Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy and its relevance in today’s world. This great spiritual leader, who still remains a mystery to many, has massively contributed to fields like scientific-spirituality, inter-religious dialogue, and dharmic secularism, and should definitely be studied.

Releasing on December 25, 2019. Buy it here.


The Lotus Years: Political Life In India In The Time of Rajiv Gandhi

Ashwini Bhatnagar

After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, her son Rajiv Gandhi became the youngest Prime Minister at the age of 40, the youngest in Indian politics. His tenure saw the start of both economic reforms and insurgency, while the Shah Bano case and the Bofors scandal sent the government into chaos. Ashwini Bhatnagar is a journalist who has been covering politics since the Indira Gandhi government, and has been a witness to political transformations, striking elections and the workings of dynasty politics. Using his incredible research, Bhatnagar has managed to recount the tale of a prime minister whose government was as tumultuous as its predecessor, the powerful family he came from, and how politics in India changed due to them.  

Releasing on December 31, 2019. Buy it here.


Eating With History

Tanya Abraham

Kerala is rich in both cuisine and natural beauty. The abundance of spices attracted a long line of foreigners who started the famed Spice Route. With a variety of seafood and vegetables available, spices, foreign cooking techniques and exotic flavours all led to the rich culinary history of Kerala. With tasty recipes passed down from generations of Syrian Christians, Muslims, Anglo-Indians and Latin Catholics, this blend of history and food is one that will get your mouth watering.

Releasing in December. Buy it here.

Disclaimer: Some of these books were previously available on Kindle or as international editions which were available for import. This list features Indian editions of these books, which tend to be more affordable. The information featured here is accurate as of November 29, 2019.