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This Book Lovers Day, celebrate by treating yourself or your friends and family to some amazing bookish gifts. These gifts are perfect for every kind of book lover. Here you’ll find postcards, stamps, candles, and other goodies that will enhance your reading experience.


Antiquarian Bookplates: 55 Bookplates to Personalize Your Library

For the friend or family member who likes to be organised and loves books, this set of 55 bookplates is a must-have. Each bookplate has a literary quote from the likes of Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis and Cicero as well as an accompanying illustration. Bonus points if you also help your friend organise their library, or buy these so you have an excuse to set up your own library.

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Little Black Classics Box Set (Penguin Little Black Classics)

For the friend who loves classics or for those who want to explore classic authors, this collection box set from Penguin contains 80 books written by authors like Ovid, Sappho, Austen, Balzac, Wilde and even contains The Dhammapada. Featuring a diverse range of literature, from fiction to history, and poetry to drama, this box set has an assortment of authors from different parts of the globe and from different time periods. Each of these books is also available individually and work well as bookish gifts.

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My Bibliofile: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers

For your methodical friend, who keeps their Goodreads shelf constantly updated, this reading journal is perfect to keep track of what they’re reading and add a few notes as they read. Not only does this journal have blank pages, it also includes recommended reading lists, and genre favourites, making sure you never run out of recommendations on what to read next. Our favourite feature is the ‘Reading Trees’ which can be used to create a roadmap as to what you should read next.

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Bibliophilia: 100 Literary Postcards

This is a great bookish gift irrespective of whether you still use snail mail or not. This set of 100 literary postcards contains graphic representations of 50 literary quotes from authors like Virginia Wolf, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe and Austen. The postcards are largely black and white which add to the boldness of the design, and the quotes are whimsical and different from the kind usually found. You can also use these postcards imaginatively by putting them together and framing them to create some literary wall art. This is one of our favourite bookish gifts.

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Mini Folding Book Lamp

You will definitely get some brownie points for picking this bookish gift. This beautiful lamp looks like a closed book but opens up to give out a warm yellow glow. Completely wireless, this portable lamp is chargeable through a hidden USB port and can be converted into a standing lamp very easily. Perfect for the book lover who loves to travel, or for one who cares about the aesthetics of his room.

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The Book Lover’s Cup of Tea

For the tea-cum-book lover, this is one of the best bookish gifts available. This book-shaped tea infuser is titled “A Tale of Two Ci-Teas” and can be used in two ways to brew the perfect cup. As a bonus, it also includes a short book on how to make tea, suggestions on pairing teas with books and recipes for cakes, cookies, and sandwiches. This is also perfect for a book club host.

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Book-Inspired Scented Candles

Have you ever wondered what 221B Baker Street would smell like? Or maybe you love the smell of a new paperback and want your house smelling like it? Look no further as these book-inspired scented candles will bring “Swami’s Village”, the “Lanes of Meluha” and “221-B Baker Street” alive for you. While the candle inspired by Sherlock Holmes smells of leather, newspaper and a hint of pipe smoke, the “New Paperback” candle has notes of vanillin and wood oil. You’ll definitely find something appropriate for your family and friends.

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Gift A Subscription

For the avid reader, a book subscription is a perfect bookish gift. Every month, they’ll receive a surprise in the mail consisting of at least one new book along with a range of bookish gifts. There are a whole range of book subscription services in India to choose from so you can choose one according to your friend’s favourite genre. Incidentally, this is a great gift to get yourself as well.

Choose a subscription from the list here.


Book Lovers Stamp

This wood-mounted rubber stamp has space for your name, the year you bought the book and the serial number of the book. Keep track of your 100th or 1000th purchase through this handy stamp which can be used and re-used endlessly. Definitely, buy this if you are looking to (finally) organise and catalogue your library. We love the “Please Return to Owner if Borrowed Or Found” sign which will work well as a reminder to that one friend who keeps borrowing books and forgetting to return them. That in itself makes this one of the best bookish gifts on the market.

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