Christmas is around the corner, with the New Year close on its heels – which means the season of gifting and being merry is upon us! There are those who have selected, wrapped and already sent their gifts out, and then there are the poor souls like us who have no idea where to even begin. Gifts are a tough nut to crack, and gifts for bibliophiles are the toughest. And that’s where we come in with this handy list!

Getting a bibliophile books is always a good choice, but there are other book-related trinkets that could be the perfect gift as well. And, if a budget is what is holding you back from buying that perfect Secret Santa gift for the bibliophile in your life, fret not because we have options in our list– trinkets and books alike – for every budget. Who knows, you might also find something for yourself in here!

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Gifts Under ₹100

For those with a long list of friends and colleagues or who are members of book-reading groups, these gifts will come in handy, and firmly establish you in everyone’s minds. The no-nonsense ‘Read’ badge is a great gift for every bibliophile, while Harry Potter fans will be satisfied with badges from the Hogwarts house they’ve been Sorted into and of other memorable characters.

But, if you think gifting books is more exciting, you have plenty of classics at your disposal. Some great books like 1984, The Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights, Animal Farm, Pride And Prejudice, The Diary Of  A Young Girl and The Blue Umbrella are all available for less than ₹100.

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Gifts Under ₹250

If you want to invest a little more for the book lovers in your life, we’ve got that covered too. If you have a friend who is a Game Of Thrones fan, these Hand of the King and Hand of the Queen pins will definitely earn you brownie points.

There are also some wonderful books available in the under ₹250 range, such as The Theory Of Everything, Man’s Search For Meaning, Nothing Ventured, Shoe Dog and Malgudi Days, and will definitely keep your friend happy for days.

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Gifts Under ₹500

If you are looking to impress your friends, or a crush, then these Secret Santa gifts will definitely get their attention. ‘Kitaabi Keeda’ and ‘I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie’ totes are sure to impress, and a coffee mug for people who would ‘Rather Be Reading’ will be a huge hit. For people who like to personalise the books in their home libraries, stamps from MyDoodlesAteMe and Alicia Souza make exceptional gifts.

If their hearts lie in books, there is an abundance of that too. With books like The Handmaid’s Tale, Norwegian Wood, Kafka On The Shore, One Hundred Years Of Solitude, The Book Thief and any individual Harry Potter paperbacks, you are bound to become their favourite Santa.

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Gifts Under ₹1000

For the special people in your lives – the ones you want to show your appreciation for, give them something unique. Antiquarian Bookplates with memorable quotes and outstanding illustrations are the perfect choice. If they are the sort who somehow manage to get their book damaged while travelling, Book Sleeves are the perfect gifting option.

For fantasy fans, The Last Wish from The Witcher series is perfect, given that the TV show is out soon. Other books within this price range include Panipat for the history buff, MAUS for the lover of graphic novels and the LOTR book set for your collector friend.

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Gifts Above ₹1000

For the ultimate Secret Santa gift, look no further than the set of Literary Postcards, containing quotes from literature’s greatest authors. For readers who like a little bit of everything, book subscription boxes ranging from ₹999 to ₹2,999 from The Big Book Box are the perfect option.

But, if you have friends who like collectors’ editions, the Harry Potter, Death Note and ASOIAF book sets will surely make them cry tears of joy.