A Bookish Valentine

The best gift you can give to anyone is a book and sometimes, giving the right book is all it takes to convert a non-reader into a devoted book lover. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to let people know they are in your thoughts by giving them a book. We aren’t just talking about your significant other but also of those who make your life easier or better by being a part of it- the bai who cleans your house, the waiter at your favourite restaurant who remembers exactly what you like or don’t or the teacher who changed your life. It might be the doctor who takes care of your health, the sabziwala who always gives you free green chillis and coriander, and the security guard at your building who keeps you safe. In the hum-drum of life, it is easy to forget them or to overlook their contribution to our lives.

This year, let’s celebrate a bookish Valentine by giving them a book, which is not only entertaining but also useful and inspiring. This infographic will help you pick the perfect book for those that matter to you- from an estranged friend to your chemist and from your friends’ parents to a fellow commuter.