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Experimental Literature In The 21st Century

Experimental literature is written using innovative techniques and may be presented in an ‘irregular’ fashion. In the 21st century, writers need not rely only on prodigious skill but can use technology to create unique styles of writing, taking the concept of experimental literature to a whole new level.

An Introduction To Greek Theatre

Greek theatre is fascinating, bloody, and filled with mythology. City Dionysia, the annual theatre festival, was the highlight of Athenian social life. This piece introduces you to Greek theatre and gives you all the basic information you should know.


When You Want To Declutter Your Life, Read Marie Kondo

Decluttering has many therapeutic effects. However, unless you follow a system it is likely to be an onerous task which you end up undertaking more often than you’d like to. Read Marie Kondo if you are looking for a system to help you banish clutter forever.


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