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The Bias Of The Biographer

The biographer chooses to tell some parts of the story and omit other parts. He also chooses the way in which the story is told. These decisions can heavily impact the “facts” of the story. In this feature, Deepika discusses how the bias of the biographer affects the book he is writing.

The First Book You Fell In Love With

Favourite books indicate pivotal points in a reader’s journey. But the very first book which expands your mind – in the way only certain books can – plays a crucial role in shaping your reading life. In this essay, Parinita explores how the first book they fell in love influenced the reading of various readers.

Why Independent Bookshops Still Matter

While it is so much easier to buy a book from the comfort of our home, there are a few things that only a bookshop can offer. In this article, Parinita stresses on the importance of independent bookshops and speaks to several readers about what constitutes a good independent bookshop.

How Piracy Has Revolutionised The Publishing Industry

The debate whether piracy is wrong or right is going on for almost two decades. Whether you are for or against piracy, one thing is certain that piracy is all over the Internet and it is going to stay. This article discusses how piracy is impacting the lives of readers, writers, and publishers.


When You Want To Declutter Your Life, Read Marie Kondo

Decluttering has many therapeutic effects. However, unless you follow a system it is likely to be an onerous task which you end up undertaking more often than you’d like to. Read Marie Kondo if you are looking for a system to help you banish clutter forever.


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