Curiosity is what drives us at The Curious Reader and it is quintessential for our writers to echo the same in their pieces. We are looking to publish stories related to books, literature, and writing, but we do not want standard book reviews or author profiles. We want thought-provoking, original, intelligent pieces, which are related to reading, and which will inspire our readers. Simply put, we want your curiosity to invoke a similar curiosity in our readers.

If this excites you, we are looking for writers to contribute to The Curious Reader.

How it works


Send us your pitch and wait for us to approve it.



Submit the final piece as commissioned by us.



We edit and you finalise the article.



Congratulations! Your article is live!

How to Pitch

What we want to see

We are looking for articles that have to do with the world of literature, reading, and storytelling. Before you pitch, check out our website and see the kind of pieces we have commissioned to get an idea of what we like.

Make sure that your pitch is well thought-out, researched, and above all, original. If you like to read Orhan Pamuk and believe that his post-Nobel work is not as good as his pre-Nobel repertoire, tell us why you think so and why you would like to write this piece. Want to do a heavy duty research piece on the decline of profitability of publishing houses with the advent of e-books? We’re all ears. Do you believe that self-publishing is actually a curse in disguise for literature – we would love to know why, as long as its backed by an intelligent thought process and offers a different perspective.

Your pitch must follow these guidelines to be considered. We will summarily reject any pitch which does not do so.

  1. A 50 word summary of what you want to write about and why our readers will be interested in it.
  2. 3 proposed titles for the piece.
  3. Is it an opinion piece (1000 words) OR a cover story (3000 words). If we like your pitch, we may ask you to change categories depending on what we think is a better fit.
  4. Send us 3 writing samples of previously published work. You can send us links or upload them to Google Drive and share the link. Do not send us Word Docs.
  5. Tell us a little bit about you. We don’t want your resume. We want to know who you are as a person.
  6. Send all this information in a Word doc file.

Keep in mind:

  1. We may take up to 2 weeks to get back to you.
  2. We may ask you to treat the piece differently or to make changes to the pitch.
  3. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks, it means we will not be commissioning the piece.

What we will not accept:

  1. Any article that is offensive to any group, religion, or community. Do not have any content that is offensive, racist, misogynist, homophobic or anti any particular religion.
  2. Any article that is libellous.
  3. Book reviews, unless specifically commissioned. Feel free to pitch a book you feel should be reviewed.
  4. Vague rambling thoughts on an obscure book which no one has read BUT what we would love is why a reader should pick up aforementioned obscure book which no one has read.
  5. Adverts/promotional pieces disguised within the article – feel free to reference products, but not brands.
  6. Pitches for articles which have been published elsewhere.

Send your pitch to

The Final Article


Once the pitch is approved, we expect you to submit the final article within 2 weeks. If you need more time, you need to let us know. When submitting the final article, make sure you do the following:

  1. Send the final article as a Word document (.doc or .docx)
  2. Make sure the article adheres to the word count prescribed and mention the number of words. An overage of 10% is acceptable but anything beyond that will be sent back for a rewrite.
  3. The article must follow the guidelines laid out in The Curious Reader Style Guide.
  4. If you have mentioned a source, please provide a link to that source as well as links to relevant stories on The Curious Reader website.
  5. Send us a brief bio- 2 lines that help the readers get to know you better. You can also send us 1 link to your social media profile or website. Do not send us a corporate bio.
  6. Send us a 2x2, hi-resolution headshot of yourself, which we will feature with your article. Please make sure that it is appropriate.
  7. Send us any images you feel should be included with your article. Make sure they are not copyrighted and include the source of the photo.

 Keep in mind:

  1. We reserve the right to edit the article as we see fit and expect you to re-write the article, if required, based on our comments.
  2. The article must be an original piece and not previously published anywhere else, whether online or in print. This includes your personal blog.
  3. After an article is published, we own all the rights and you can not republish the article anywhere without our permission.
  4. Do a thorough fact check before you send us the piece.
  5. Feel free to share the link with your network. We would love to have you promote your writing.

Send the final article to

After Publication


The article should be published within a month of approval. However, we do reserve the right to publish it at a later date if we feel that is a better fit. We will inform you prior to publication and make sure that you are:

  1. Available to respond to comments for the first 48 hours after the article goes live.
  2. Respectful in your comments and engage in a stimulating or intellectual discussion.
  3. Ignore trolls. If you feel strong action is required, bring it to our attention and we will handle it.
  4. Not everyone will like your article or agree with your viewpoint. We suggest you keep that in mind when you respond to comments.

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