The Ride Called Life

April 17, 2020

Life, for most of us, is a roller coaster and brings with it its own set of challenges. Not only are we expected to soldier on through the dark and difficult times, we are also expected to extend a supporting hand available for the ones who matter. And yet, it is important for us to remember that there is always a light at the end of the veritable dark tunnel. Here, Aruna tells us to take heart because the silver lining is bound to bring all of us hope – something that we all need to remember today.

The furrows in your hand
are where you kept
people close
and held them tight,
You lent them support
you helped them
keep alive their fight.

These days
you bend a bit
and your shoulders sag,
It’s the weight
of the world
on them you drag.

The folds in layers
that appear on
your forehead,
Are graves of your beloved
All the loved ones
those who now lie dead.

At the end
of your eyes
those feet of crow,
Are the affectations
you maintain
and the joy
you put up for show.

The large
reflecting pools
that float
in your eye,
Are the avalanche
of forbidden tears
each time you
suppressed a pained cry.

The hoarse voice
that you often
choke upon,
Are emotions
lining up your throat
threatening to
render you
shredded and torn.

The vacuous look
the blank stare
into the wild,
Are films of your life
you run inside your head
while trapped and confined.

Take heart
it’s going to be alright
Stay afloat
it’ll all come to an end,
Giving you release
from the charade and the shams
and all those times when
you just had to pretend!


Aruna is a recognised Corporate Communications specialist, PR strategist and writer. She has published articles in major Indian newspapers and magazines like Femina and Frontline. An avid blogger, she also contributes regularly to DailyO. She is currently working on several book projects, including a memoir.

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