An Illustrated Ode To The Preamble

Authors’ Note: The story of Chhotu evolved over a period of two years, but the core of the journey has remained the same — how does one, who feels small by the events around them, find a voice in this world? That voice can come in many forms — such as action in protests or vocalisation through social media, but for the two of us, we’ve found that voice in using our talents to bring this story to life. Yes, we may feel small or fatigued by the world around us, but we rest hope in the fact that even the smallest of us can make a change. And this Republic Day, we hope to remind you of the actions you can take as an individual and to remember the founding principles upon which India was built.

Set against the backdrop of the Partition and the horrors that followed, Chhotu is a coming-of-age story of an unlikely hero and a parable of a past that doesn’t feel too removed from the present.

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ayushi rastogi

Ayushi Rastogi was born into a family of artists and was quickly instilled with a drive to seek social responsibility in her work. With that spirit, as a graphic designer and illustrator, she’s created a board game for children with dyslexia, illustrated a children’s series that tackles topics of diversity, and designed books on pressing issues from nature conservation to pollution.

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varud gupta

Varud Gupta was bred for the business world until an existential crisis sent him travelling through the culinary cultures of the world. It was in documenting odd jobs as a cheesemonger or asador that his journey as a writer began. His first book, Bhagwaan Ke Pakwaan, was a travel narrative through the faiths and foods of India. And the story of Chhotu represents the culmination of the first chapter on this existential path.

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