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Deletion of Comments

Your comment will definitely be deleted if it has any of the following. This is not a comprehensive list but gives you an idea of what not to do:

  • It demonstrates you didn’t read, watch, or listen to the content.
  • style=”font-weight: 400;”>There are keywords and/or your business name in the name field of the comment form. This is not the place to advertise your business or your services.
  • It simply restates or repeats information from the article or has a general comment with no reasoning.
  • You go into off-topic personal or professional rants.
  • It contains any threats to us or the rest of the community. That means, no misogynistic, racist, casteist, homophobic or anti any particular religion comments. This is not a forum to spread vitriol.
  • It contains any form of nastiness or is abusive.
  • It violates anyone’s copyright, trademark, or any other form of intellectual property.
  • The content is spam.

Other Stuff You Should Know

  • All rights reserved: For any comment, we reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark it as spam. We also reserve the right to block any IP address that violates this comment policy from commenting, subscribing, or accessing The Curious Reader.
  • Links: If you must include a link in your comment, please be aware that your comment may not be approved for posting. Be patient. Relevant links that contribute to the conversation need to be approved. Obvious attempts to promote your business, gain backlinks, traffic, or other types of self-promotion are not allowed.
  • Liability: By posting a comment, you agree that your contribution is your own and that you take responsibility for it. You agree to hold The Curious Reader, all post authors, and other commenters harmless.
  • Copyright: If we receive authentic notice that a comment is in violation of anyone’s copyrighted information, the comment will be deleted and the commenter may be blocked from posting comments in the future.
  • Spam: Don’t do it. Any comment deemed as spam will be deleted and marked as spam. If you repeatedly post spam, your IP address may be blacklisted from accessing The Curious Reader.
  • Privacy: You need to provide an authentic, verified email address to post a comment on The Curious Reader and receive comment subscriptions. We will never publish your personal information on the blog. Do not share private information within your comment. We will delete phone numbers, email addresses, or any other private or personal information to protect the affected party. This is not the place to exchange contact information with other members.
  • Patience: If you follow this comment policy, your comment should be posted. Please be patient while we moderate our conversations to ensure the best experiences for our community.
  • Policy Updates: We reserve the right to change this comment policy without prior notice. We suggest you come back from time to time and check when it was last updated.

Last Updated: November 1, 2017

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