Unless you’ve been living in a galaxy far, far away, you’ve at least heard of the Star Wars movies. Even if you are a hardcore Star Wars fan, you may not be aware of the canon outside of the movies. With Disney’s latest foray into making standalone movies like Rogue One and Solo, here are 6 characters from the Star Wars books we’d love to see star in their own movies. May the Force be with you!


Kerra Holt

Kerra Holt was a female human Jedi Knight during the New Sith Wars. When she was about 8-years old, her home planet of Aquilaris was invaded by the Sith, resulting in her separation from her parents. She was rescued by Jedi Knight Vannar Treece and subsequently became his Padawan. She regularly participated in Vannar’s “knight errant” operations which used volunteers instead of regular Jedi and military personnel. After her Master and comrades were killed by Lord Odion, she was stranded on Chelloa and ended up forming an alliance with former Jedi Knight, Gorlan Palladane. Lord Odion would continue to be one of her nemeses until she eventually defeated him at the showdown on Vanahame. Odion’s brother Lord Daimain was another one of her arch-enemies, and 10 years after fleeing from Aquilaris as a refugee, she would return to free it from him. Kerra Holt was a strong woman with a personal vendetta against the Sith. Agile-minded, she was a natural leader with a soft corner for the less fortunate. She was skilled in lightsaber combat and could use the Force to levitate both objects and people.

First appearance: Knight Errant: Aflame

Also Read: Knight ErrantKnight Errant: DelugeKnight Errant: Escape.


Kyp Durron

Kyp Durron, a Force-sensitive human male found himself imprisoned by the Galactic Empire at the age of 8. After being rescued by Han Solo, he continued to harbour deep anger which was exploited by the spirit of the Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun. Under Kun’s influence, Durron launched a vendetta which resulted in the death of his brother. After Kun’s spirit was defeated and his influence lifted, guilt-ridden Durron spent the rest of his life in a quest for redemption and ended up becoming Luke Skywalker’s best pupil and one of the first Jedi Masters of the New Jedi Order. He had the powers of precognition, telekinesis and was considered one of the strongest Jedi.

First Appearance: Jedi Search

Other: Dark Apprentice, Champions of the Force, The New Jedi Order Series


General Hoth

Born into a lineage of Jedi Lords, General Hoth was a male Human and famous Jedi Master who led the Army of Light against Lord Skere Kaan during the New Sith Wars which culminated in the Ruusan campaign. Hoth’s dream was to end the Sith and he sacrificed himself to do so. This self-sacrifice ended the Sith as a threat for almost a thousand years although it left his spirit trapped within the caverns of Ruusan. An able military commander and a master strategist, at his core, he was devoted to peace. Incidentally, the planet Hoth (from Star Wars: Episode V) has no connection to General Hoth despite sharing the name.

First Appearance: Dark Forces: Jedi Knight (in a vision to Kyle Katarn)

Also Read: Path of Destruction.


Corran Horn

Corran Horn was a Force-sensitive Human male and a highly skilled Corellian pilot. He served as a Corellian Security Force investigator, a Rogue Squadron ace, and later, a Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order. It was only after his wife Mirax was kidnapped that he realised he needed to develop his Jedi powers and trained at Skywalker’s training academy, the Jedi Praxeum before rescuing her. Initially, he served as a pilot and a Jedi but resigned from the squadron once they made peace with the Imperial Remnant. Later, he was made a Jedi Master and served on the Masters’ Council. Horn lacked telekinetic abilities but he had the ability to implant thoughts in other individuals, to protect his mind from mental probing, to heal and to speed up using the Force.

First Appearance: Missed Chance

Other Works: I, Jedi, X-Wing Series, The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide I


Mara Jade Skywalker

Mara Jade started her career as Emperor Palpatine’s Hand, went on to become a smuggler and later, a Jedi Master who sat on the Jedi High Council. Emperor Palpatine’s last command to her was to kill Luke Skywalker but she eventually ended up being trained by him and then married him. After their marriage, she devoted herself to the New Jedi Order and became a Master. She fought in the Yuuzhan Long War, the Swarm War, the Dark Nest Crisis and the Second Galactic Civil War in addition to helping with other crises. She was killed by her nephew Jacen Solo after she learned that he was a Sith. Mara Jade was a committed and loyal individual, well-trained in unarmed combat and a skilled strategist who could analyse situations quickly while maintaining her composure at all times. She was also skilled as a spy and an accomplished lightsaber duellist with a honed sense of danger.

First appearance: Heir to the Empire

Also Read: Choices of One, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command



Revan distinguished himself both as a Jedi and a Sith (Darth Revan). He was a Force-sensitive Human male found by the Jedi Order at an early age. After becoming a Jedi Knight, he defied the Jedi Council and started the Revanchist movement in order to combat the Mandalorian threat. After successfully defeating the Mandalorians, he was hailed as a hero. However, while investigating a mysterious Sith influence, his mind was warped by the Sith Emperor and he became Dark Revan. Soon after, he broke free from the mind control and created his own Sith Empire which took hold of a third of the galactic territory. When his friend Darth Malak tried to kill him, he was captured by the Jedis and taken before the Jedi Masters for judgement. The Jedi Council wiped his mind and programmed him with the identity of a Republic soldier. Later, he was retrained as a Jedi and so began the journey of a hero who continued to fight his dark side. His actions ensured over 300 years of peace in the Republic. He had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, excelled at combat and had mastered telekinesis.

First appearance: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (game)

Also Read: The Old Republic: Revan

Who are your favourite Star Wars characters? Are there any other characters who deserve a standalone film? Share with us in the comments below.

This list was curated by Iresh Jain who claims to have read every single Star Wars book.

All images and text based on information found on Wookieepedia