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Teenagers are popularly believed to be immature, sometimes selfish, angsty, hormonal. However, the YA genre keeps proving this thinking wrong by giving readers characters that are mature beyond their years, heroic, selfless and courageous. As a result, this genre has consistently gained in popularity, particularly the fantasy novels within the YA genre. While there have been some amazing fantasy novels in this genre, Harry Potter is definitely one of the most popular.

With stories of deadly assassins, magical powers, supernatural elements and intimidating foes, YA fantasy novels have stories kids can only dream of. Over and above that, authors have also managed to tackle issues of racial diversity, gender discrimination and injustice, all while providing entertainment. With bestselling books from the likes of Leigh Bardugo and Tomi Adeyemi, here are 11 YA fantasy novels to satisfy the nerd in you.


Six Of Crows

Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo’s Six Of Crows is a fantasy novel that follows Kaz Brekker, a notorious criminal. When an opportunity presents itself for the heist of a lifetime, Kaz gathers a ragtag gang to break into the Ice Court, a military stronghold. Six Of Crows will show you that things are not always what they seem and that even a seemingly evil person can act with honour and be ‘good’. If you want to read more fantasy books by this author, we suggest you go through King Of Scars, Ninth House and The Shadow And Bone Trilogy.

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The Priory Of The Orange Tree

Samantha Shannon

Samantha Shannon’s The Priory Of The Orange Tree is an epic fantasy tale of warrior women and dragons. The book is a tale of three women – Ead, working undercover as a lady-in-waiting to the queen, Queen Sabran IX, who must conceive a daughter to protect her kingdom, and Tané, a dragon rider whose choices will change their lives. When an ancient enemy awakens, the three must do everything in their power to save the world. This book is a wonderful example of world-building and has everything from court intrigue and pirates to LGBTQ+ romances and powerful platonic friendships.

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The Gilded Wolves

Roshani Chokshi

Several Orders around the world protect shards from the Tower of Babel, which possess the power to help people manipulate minds. Séverin Montagnet-Alarie is banned from Europe’s Order for having mixed blood. When a member of the Order tells Séverin to participate in a dangerous mission in exchange of information on his birth, he refuses. Now, the member is hell-bent on murdering his friends, unless Séverin can retrieve something so precious that it just might change the world. Full of mystery and adventure, Roshani Chokshi’s The Gilded Wolves is one for all YA fantasy lovers to read.

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The Wicked King

Holly Black

In the sequel to The Cruel Prince, Jude has tricked Cardan to be the king, so that the reins to the Faerie court could be at her disposal. She’s also bound him to her for a year and a day, yet he continues to taunt and humiliate her. Muddling through the dirty politics of the court and battling her feelings for the wicked king, Jude must do everything in her mortal power to keep everyone she loves safe. The Wicked King, the second book in the The Folk Of The Air series is one magical journey to the realms of the faeries, and a memorable fantasy novel.

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We Hunt The Flame

Hafsah Faizal

Zafira, known as the Hunter, disguises herself as a man in order to feed her village, a community that thinks of girls as inferior. Elsewhere in the kingdom, Nasir is the reluctant assassin for his father, the sultan. Their paths meet when a witch sends Zafira on a quest to retrieve a magical artefact that could save civilisation, while Nasir is sent by his father to snatch the artefact and kill the Hunter. Through the journey, they battle threats and their own feelings for the other as they inch closer to their destination and a conclusion that might change everything. Inspired by Arabic myths and the first in the Sands Of Arawiya duet, this book will make you want to count the days till the release of the sequel.

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Children Of Blood And Bone

Tomi Adeyemi

Orïsha used to be a land of magic, where people could summon souls, waves and flames. But when a cruel king comes into power, he orders the murder of all those with magic, including Zélie’s mother. Their descendants – dark-skinned and white-haired – have cause for hope now, as Zélie, with the help of the king’s own daughter can restore magic and overthrow the king. But first, they have to face the cruel prince Inan, evil spirits and unknown creatures, while harnessing Zélie’s magical powers. Tomi Adeyemi’s brilliant debut is a story about heritage, revolution and the constant struggle against injustice.

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The Simoqin Prophecies

Samit Basu

The first book of the GameWorld trilogy, The Simoqin Prophecies is a fascinating read and is often considered the first novel of Indian fantasy fiction. Two centuries before the events in the book, two prophecies were made – one, that the great rakshasa Danh-Gem would return, and two, that a hero would emerge to challenge him. Even as the first prophecy comes close to fulfilment, a young man learns of his role in saving the world from the rakshasa. Samit Basu remains true to his Indian roots in his books, for example, Kol, which means the ‘cradle of civilisation’ in Bengali, is the name of a major city in the story. The entire series is fantastical but humorous at the same time, referencing great Indian epics such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, and even going into Star Wars territory at times.

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An Ember In The Ashes

Sabaa Tahir

With Laia’s brother arrested and her grandparents killed, Laia has no one to help her until the rebels in the empire give her a chance to save her brother in exchange for spying. She acts as a slave in Blackcliff, a military school where the empire’s most ruthless officers are trained. When it is announced that four new graduates will compete for the emperor’s throne, Laia’s mission takes a new turn when she meets Elias, a reluctant graduate forced to participate in the competition. They might not know it, but their intertwined destinies can change the world they are forced to survive in. With political intrigue and supernatural entities, the first book in the Ember Quartet is sure to mesmerise you.       

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Rebel Of The Sands

Alwyn Hamilton

Amani Al’Hiza is 16 and desperately hopes to run away from her town and her uncle, who is intent on making her his bride. Along with sharpshooting abilities, Amani can also control the sand. She disguises herself as a boy and joins Jin, a wanderer, and together they set out to cross the desert. Along the way, they battle strange creatures, and meet the Rebel Prince. While Amani’s life is constantly in danger, the journey unfolds secrets long hidden, which will change her life forever. With a combination of mythology and Western and Middle Eastern civilisations, Rebel Of The Sands is a highly enjoyable fantasy read.

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Jay Kristoff

With her father having been executed and her mother and brother imprisoned, Mia is out for revenge. But her enemies are powerful, and to bring them down, Mia has to become an unparalleled assassin. She enters the school of assassins, the Red Church of Itreya. But when a killer is on the loose in the Church and her secrets might come to light, Mia has to be more careful than ever. The first in the Nevernight Chronicles, Jay Kristoff’s bestselling fantasy novel is bold and brutal.

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Throne Of Glass

Sarah J. Maas

After working as a slave in the salt mines, the famous assassin Celaena Sardothien is summoned to the court of Adarlan. She has to compete with 23 other thieves, murderers and warriors in a match to death to win her freedom. But when her contenders are killed one by one in the castle, Celaena must uncover the mystery of the murders under the watchful eyes of Prince Dorian and Chaol, the captain of the guards. As she digs deep into the mystery, she uncovers secrets of her own lineage and bloodthirsty monsters. The first in Sarah J. Maas’s bestselling Throne Of Glass series, this book will help you get your binge on.

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