fiction by Indian authors November 2019

The new year is just around the corner, and many of us are still struggling to meet our reading goals. Fiction releasing in November will surely help you with this, with a variety of books to satiate your cravings. We have stories about the two of the greatest cities of India and their people – Delhi and Kolkata- and the story of how a bookstore in Mumbai changed the life of a young woman. November has a book from the Sam Wyndham series, the translation of a popular Bengali novel, and stories from a 16-year-old author. So what are you waiting for, grab your cards and click ‘Add to Cart’!


People Called Kolkata

Kamalika Bose

Everyone is besotted with Kolkata and with good reason. The city has given so much – arts, films, politics, history and food, and most importantly, its people. People Called Kolkata offers an anthology of 55 stories centred around the people of Kolkata, and the way they shape the city. The book explores the transformation of culture as well as the  histories of the myriad of communities that have made Kolkata its home. It also gives a voice to those that often remain unheard and shares stories that determine how Kolkata’s future ought to be. This book offers a perspective unlike any other.

Releasing on November 01, 2019. Buy it here.



Nirmala Govindarajan

Trafficking in India is on the rise, and the Indian judicial system is of no help. At such a time, author Nirmala Govindarajan dives into underage trafficking and the criminal underbelly of India through  the protagonist Erendira who is striving to uncover the identity of a sex worker. Travelling from Himalaya to Ooty and down to Sri Lanka, Erendira catches glimpses of many traditions and cultures during her journey, while questioning government actions to eradicate this heinous practice.

Releasing on November 07, 2019. Buy it here.


Stories Of Us

Bobby Sachdeva

India is a land of traditional values, values that we sometimes stubbornly cling to. In Stories Of Us, Bobby Sachdeva lends a voice to the common man in stories that question the usefulness of such practices. Using blunt narratives, he questions if we are willing to sacrifice personal happiness for family honour, if feeding God is more important than feeding the hungry, and what are we going to do about the manual scavengers, who often remain statistics .

Releasing on November 07, 2019. Buy it here.



Pankaj Kapur & Rahul Soni (Tr.)

Amma Bi lives alone in a Lucknow haveli, but the sound of unknown footsteps every afternoon frightens her. Scared for her life, she considers moving to an old-age home, but the arrival of a tenant – Sahiba – fills her life with love and laughter. But when Sahiba runs into trouble, Amma Bi must use her skills to solve her problems, or else the consequences would be too high to bear. Pankaj Kapur’s debut novel has now been translated in to English, and is a wonderful work of humour and drama.

Releasing on November 10, 2019. Buy it here.


Being Radha

Tripti Sharan

Radha is idolised in our mythology as the other half of Radha-Krishna. She loved him, sang with him and was devoted to him, but theirs was not a love to last. But is that all she was – a lover? Was theirs a love story or a spiritual one, a divine connection between the lord and his devotee? Tripti Sharan’s Being Radha  is the tale of Radha who yearns to be heard and understood, to be known as something more than Krishna’s consort.

Releasing on November 10, 2019. Buy it here.



Rajorshi Chakraborti

When a right-wing, nationalist government comes to power, three women in Calcutta find themselves bequeathed with powers out of their wildest dreams. The powers, though, come at a steep price. In a country that is undergoing radical transformations, Shakti is the story of these women and the courage they display in the face of adversity.

Releasing on November 15, 2019. Buy it here.


Accidental Magic

Keshava Guha

Kannan, Curtis, Rebecca, and Malathi are four strangers who form an unlikely bond as Potterheads. As they battle loneliness, wade through relationships and search for happiness, their trials and tensions often leave them fazed. Keshava Guha’s exceptional imagination brings to us a story of people connecting from Bangalore to Boston, as the power of Harry Potter forges relations that go beyond boundaries.   

Releasing on November 15, 2019. Buy it here.


Paper Moon

Rehana Munir

Fiza’s estranged father leaves her money to open a bookshop on his deathbed. Fiza’s life changes overnight as she gets thrown into the world of book-buying, dealing with eccentric staff, and decision-making. The bookshop – Paper Moons – started in an old Bandra mansion brings her romance, with a mysterious customer wooing her, even as she struggles with confused feelings for her ex. A tale of books, Bombay and romance, Rehana Munir’s Paper Moon is one to watch out for.

Releasing on November 16, 2019. Buy it here.


The Rat Eater

Anand Ranganathan & Chitra Subramaniam

Taking inspiration from Agatha Christie mysteries, a killer is murdering Mumbai politicians one by one. The case is handed to DIG Ajay Biswas, but he soon discovers that someone is planting false leads in the cases, his co-workers are more interested in their personal gain, and he is not wanted on the case. To top it off, Ajay’s personal life is in crisis, as his wife’s old flame returns and causes disruptions in his family. The Rat Eater is bound to keep you on the edge, with a killer who has taken it upon himself to rid the world of the oppressors and the corrupt, leaving a trail of blood in his wake.

Releasing on November 18, 2019. Buy it here.      


People Called Delhi

Rohini Nair & Neerja Deodhar (Eds.)

Delhi is the city of hustle-bustle, with people from all walks of life, living, surviving and thriving in this city of hearts. With a rich history and an equally enthralling present, Delhi’s stories are a must read for anyone who has fallen in love with this city, and those looking for a glimpse into the soul of Delhi. With 50 stories that showcase Delhi’s turbulent history, the migrants that make the city their home, the visible and invisible faces of the city, and the ones who strive to hold on to the culture fast disappearing from the cities, this books shows Delhi in all its glory.

Releasing on November 25, 2019. Buy it here.


This Is How It Took Place

Rudrakshi Bhattacharjee, Shinie Antony (Ed.)

A girl keeps trying to make her mother happy; a young girl tries to come to terms with herself after she cheats in a relationship, and somewhere, siblings take on each other’s identities. This Is How It Took Place combines stories of such rebels, misfits and loners, who often find it difficult to navigate social interactions, friendships and family. Published posthumously, Rudrakshi Bhattacharjee’s collection of 16 stories will leave you spellbound.

Releasing on November 25, 2019. Buy it here.


The Yogini

Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay & Arunava Sinha (Tr.)

Homi is a modern young woman, with her marriage and high-demand job often occupying most of her day. When a yogi, visible only to her, begins following her, Homi alternates between being frightened and aroused. Believing that the yogi manifests fate, Homi desperately attempts to prove that she lives by her own free will, throwing her life into chaos in the process. Eventually, Homi reaches Benaras where she will finally discover the truth. Originally published in Bengali and translated by Arunava Sinha, The Yogini is an enthralling read.

Releasing on November 25, 2019. Buy it here.


Death In The East

Abir Mukherjee

Hoping to get rid of his opium addiction, Captain Sam Wyndham is headed to an ashram in the  hills of Assam. But a surprise awaits him there – a ghost from his life back in London- a man Wyndham thought to be long dead. Hounded by his past, Wyndham calls for the aid of his old friend Sergeant Banerjee to solve the mystery of this figure who he knows is out here for revenge. Abir Mukherjee is back with another Sam Wyndham mystery, one that will keep you entertained.

Releasing on November 28, 2019. Buy it here.

Disclaimer: Some of these books were previously available on Kindle or as international editions which were available for import. This list features Indian editions of these books, which tend to be more affordable. The information featured here is accurate as of October 24, 2019.