hindi books for children

Many parents nowadays are obsessed with teaching their children English as it is a prerequisite to get admission to most good schools and considered critical to be successful. As a result, very few children, especially in metros, can speak or read Hindi fluently. This World Hindi Day, spend some time reading Hindi books to your youngling and help them realise the beauty of one of our official languages.

Note: This list is meant for children between the ages of two and six.


Meri Bindi

Anu Anand

As with any language, one should begin with the basics. This book is an excellent way of introducing simple words in Hindi to your child. Being bilingual, it can even reintroduce the language to parents who may have forgotten it. Focusing on shapes and colours, each simple couplet is accompanied with the English translation as well as the Hindi sentence written out phonetically in English to help with correct pronunciation. Interestingly, the author grew up in the U.S. but is of Indian origin and wrote this book because she was having a hard time teaching Hindi to her two young boys.

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Rang Rangi Kamini

Radhika Chadha

Radhika Chadha has written a fair few children’s books in Hindi but Rang Rangi Kamini stands out as it not only exposes children to colours but also to life in the jungle. Following the story of a baby chameleon who is trying his best to learn how to change colours, the book enthrals and educates the young mind. Given the story is accompanied with gorgeous artwork by the brilliant Priya Kuriyan, this is one Hindi book for children that you must have in your library.

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Sashu Pashu Kashu

Tulika Maheshwari

This delightful collection of short stories is dedicated to the author’s granddaughter and was her way of ensuring that her granddaughter was familiar with Hindi. Each story is easy to read and understand, and your child will get to use his or her imagination as they read about rain made of chocolate or a girl searching all over for her lost bear. Interestingly, each story is accompanied by artwork created by municipal school children and follows the style of a particular artist (like Van Gogh) or school of art (like Madhubani).     

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Samay Ka Khatola


Gulzar, the world-famous Hindi poet and lyricist, has written this beautiful poetry collection for children. Written evocatively and humorously, the most interesting poem is one about a mosquito who looks at the bright side of every situation, such as dancing to the tunes of hands being clapped, despite them being intended to kill him. Alternatively, if you want to stick to short stories, you can pick up his equally exciting Potli Baba Ki Kahani.

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Sunusunu Ghongha: Bageeche Mein Toofan

Sandhya Rao

This is the sweet story of a snail who gets caught up in a  storm while playing with his friends, the ants, and rushes home to describe it to his mother. Rao’s vivid language and Rajagopalan’s simple illustrations effectively describe the sights and sounds of a garden, thereby exposing your child to nature-related Hindi words.

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Vishnu Sharma

The Panchatantra is a collection of animal fables that were first written in Ancient India. While the author is unknown, the short stories are usually attributed to Sanskrit scholar Vishnu Sharma. These stories teach basic life lessons by dwelling on subjects as varied as overcoming fear, fairness and justice, friendship and gainful employment while using animals as the protagonists in the stories to ensure they are enjoyable for children to read. This Hindi version has been specially created for young children.

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Nanhi Kahaaniyan

Sorit Gupto

This is a perfect collection to either read to your child or for them to begin taking their first steps in reading Hindi. Each story features different animals and is accompanied by colourful illustrations. Even if your child is not speaking as yet, read it to him or her as they will connect the words to the pictures and are likely to retain that knowledge when they do finally start speaking.

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